Is your church group looking for a new study on faith-based social justice advocacy?


This timely, ecumenical resource invites Sunday school classes, book clubs, clergy clusters, study groups, and spiritual friends to explore the public dimensions of biblical faith in today’s world through personal reading and reflection, group discussion and learning activities, creative Bible study, and worship.


Presented as seven, 90-minute sessions, the Prophetic Faith materials are readily adaptable to a weekend retreat setting or to a 14-week series of one-hour sessions.


Participant Evaluation Excerpts:


"This course gave me more tools with which to deal with social issues."


I learned that it is possible to explore a sensitive issue without causing hurt feelings, without creating "winners" and "losers."


"I liked the pragmatism of the study, combining faith, theory and practice."

“Very well done…the church needs to do more of this and get issues out to discuss in the open. Really good."


Deepening commitment to the public church by addressing:


  • The political implications of biblical faith

  • Public and private arenas for expressing faith

  • Individual and communal forms of religious practices

  • Difference between systemic change (justice) & social outreach (charity)

  • The impact of social location and false certainties on our perspectives

  • Resistance to addressing controversial issues in church

  • Civil religion as the unexamined conflation of God and country

  • How social justice advocacy strengthens the roots and fruits of our faith

  • What the separation of church and state means and doesn’t mean

  • How to avoid paralysis when facing the complexity of social issues


This engaging, two-volume resource includes:


An accessible Participant Book with personal reflection questions throughout to prepare for group discussions   ($8.00)


An extensive Leader Guide with administrative tips, engaging group activities, supplementary materials and handouts, worship resources, and options for various sized groups and number of sessions   ($12.00)


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